• Traditional Chinese Stretching Exercise

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    Traditional Chinese stretching exercise gather the school of thought of medicine, I-Ching(book of changes) and Yellow(Emperor)Old(Master) as the basis. The method of skills is a combination of domestic and foreign accomplishment.

    Training of the tendon and membrane is a pre-requisite of practising deep breathing and form a close, interdependent relationship with each other. Essence , vitality and spirit are invisible, but the physique is a tangible object. Through traditional Chinese stretching exercise, one’s physique can be trained to aid the before said invisibles. By cultivating the essence, vitality and spirit, tendons, bones and skin can be nourished and the whole body can be enhanced.

    Traditional Chinese stretching exercise reflect the health wisdom of our predecessors and conform to modern kinematics, physiology and anatomy. Bringing together the advantages of the East and West it is an ideal body training exercise.

    This exercise is a combination of 13 major forms and a series of supporting forms. One can practise the whole set or single form.

  • Dredging Channels Exercise

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     ‘ Discomfort means blockages and vice versa ‘ this indicates the health condition of the meridians inside body.

     Dredging Channels exercise was developed from theories related to internal organs and meridians originated form Chinese medicine. It is good at unblocking meridians, regulating internal organs and alleviating pains. Enhancing one’s self-healing, resistance to disease, repair strength and coordination so as to make one more healthy.

    This exercise can smooth one’s energy flow and calm one’s emotions. It has significant effect in prevention and cure of emotional disorder and improving the emotional quotient. Dredging Channels exercise activates the 12 principal meridians and the 8 extra meridians, the movement is easy to learn and practise and suits all people.

    This exercise had been listed in official document by the General Administration of Sport of People’s Republic of China.

  • Liu He Ba Fa Chuan

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     The full name of Liu He Ba Fa Chuan is Hua Yue Xing Yi Liuhebafa Chuan and also called water boxing; the exercise was pass to Europe and America during the time of the Republic of China, the Westerners named it Hua Yue Tai Chi Chuan. Liu He Ba Fa Chuan originated from the Five Dynasties and early Song Dynasty and was created by a Taoist named Chen Tuan. It is a rare form of ‘ internal chuan ‘ from more than a thousand years ago. The movements are like Tai Chi Chuan, Xingyiquan( Shape/Will Boxing ) and Ba Gua Palm( Eight Trigram Palm ); but it has special step work, body movement, hand technique, strength principle and theories. Through practising, the body will become more healthy and also can be considered as art appreciation,  complementing each other.

    Liu He Ba Fa Chuan can be divide into 2 sections; 32 forms in upper section, 34 forms in lower section, a total of 66 forms.

    The significance of the exercise is : one’s body is built with 6 ‘ harmonies ‘, 8 methods are used to maintain the before said.

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