The ancients said : ‘ As heaven’s movement is ever rigorous, so must a gentleman constantly strive for self-perfection ‘ , also : ‘ A gentleman must cultivate his virtue  when he is poor while he must look after and contribute to the society when he is wealthy ‘


Life is not easy, but all of a sudden it is the finale; no one knows when life ends.

This signifies the interesting and valuable of life.


Socrates said :‘ The world most enjoyable thing is to fight for ideals. ‘


Working at one’s utmost is very tired. I don’t know if I will be alive the next moment.


I am just ordinary people, I have no will to administer the world nor strong ability and great plans. So, I cannot considered to be having ideals, or ambitions, only wishes.


Wishes need not fight for. Only proceed step by step, follow the direction to reach the designated target.


My wish is to promote and develop excellent traditional Chinese health cultivation exercise, doing my best to preserve and pass down traditional and valuable things.


The promotion of the above mentioned is a long and difficult road, but as I have set up my goal, I must progressively keeping one’s feet on the ground to carry on.


Comrade Mao Zedong once said, ‘ More people can handle affairs well. ‘ A group of people can have discussions , complement each other , better than fighting alone. My intention is, through teaching and normal popularizing work, gather people having a common goal to exchange views and learn from each other. Together, inherit and pass on health fitness exercise. Letting more people enjoy the happiness and satisfaction that comes from a healthy life.


Although it is a long and lonely road….I feel enjoyed and meaningful.


As the Western saying goes : “ Ideals are like the stars, we never reach them, but like mariners, we chart our course by them. “ More abundant treasures will be gained on the way.


         Vincent Lau  http://blog.yahoo.com/_NCUDXSUMUBMGTSS5S3NXZFCHNE/tag/Passage

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